NICHI seeks better storm protection


Design concept for the New York Outer Harbor Gateway Storm Barrier.

The National Institute for Coastal and Harbor Infrastructure believes that the failure to seriously consider regional infrastructure options,  such as a NY-NJ moveable surge barrier, could have far reaching national policy implications regarding our national coastal resiliency.

 The issue is particularly important since the Army Corps of Engineers is currently initiating a study of regional options, but has not yet indicated whether movable regional surge barriers would be included as a specific option to be studied within the scope of this program.

Also, it should be noted that NYC and other metropolitan NY-NJ  coastal communities in the metropolitan area are now actively pursuing the design and construction of highly localized barrier systems that would leave unprotected large dense, often poor, urban populations, critical infrastructure and high value economic assets.  

The following mission statement reflects the NICHI working group position on the issue:

Mission Statement

The Metro NY-NJ Storm Surge Working Group on is an affiliation of professionals dedicated to the premise that the future protection of the greater Metropolitan Region against catastrophic flooding from ocean storm surges, climate change and rising sea levels can only be secured by a regional approach that transcends geographical and political boundaries. The region of consideration includes New York City, northern New Jersey, the lower Hudson River Valley and south-western Long Island. These interconnected regions are all especially vulnerable due to their low elevations above sea level, their densely developed urban infrastructure and the large populations at risk.

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