Coastal Resiliency and Storm Surge Barrier Boat Tour: October 10

Commemorating the Fifth Anniversary of Super Storm Sandy

Presented by:
The NY NJ Metropolitan Storm Surge Working Group
The National Institute for Coastal and Harbor Infrastructure

Departing Chelsea Piers aboard the Classic Harbor Lines Yacht “Manhattan II”
Pier 62, West 22nd & the Hudson River

Tuesday, October 10, 2017  10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Join us as Scientists, Engineers, Urban Planners and other experts narrate a NYC waterfront view of the impacts of Sandy and how the NY NJ Metropolitan Regional Storm Surge Barrier would provide a “layered defense” protecting the city and 820 miles of NYC Metro coastline for the next 100 years or more.

Sponsor: $10,000
Co-Sponsor: $2,500
Ticket: $500

Tickets can be purchased by credit card donations HERE.

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Five years ago Super Storm Sandy devastated the New York New Jersey metropolitan region with tragic loss of life and billions of dollars of damage to buildings, businesses and infrastructure. Lives were shattered, jobs lost and investment opportunities abandoned.

On October 10th, the National Institute for Coastal and Harbor Infrastructure and the NY NJ Storm Surge Working Group will present a two-hour Super Storm Sandy Fifth Anniversary coastal resiliency boat tour of the Port of New York waterfront. Our Tour Vessel will be the Mariner III, the flagship of the Classic Harbor Lines fleet of early 20th century luxury yacht reproductions. We will depart Chelsea Piers at10:30 and return at 12:30.
This coastline tour will be narrated by scientists, engineers, urban planners and other experts who will describe the impact of Sandy’s storm surge in detail. Onboard guests will learn where the water came from, where it went and the devastating regional impact that the storm surge had on neighborhoods, businesses and vital metropolitan infrastructure throughout the metropolitan area.
Tour experts will also discuss the current formulation and implementation of a coastal resilience “layered defense” strategy. This strategy would combine local site-specific defenses with perimeter structures and a metropolitan regional storm shore surge barrier system that together could prevent future devastation to the region.
Additional topics for general discussion will include such issues as continuing vulnerability, work to-date and the timetable for implementation of resiliency measures as well as environmental concerns, funding and impact of projects on metropolitan residents and businesses.


Tickets can be purchased by credit card donations HERE. Thank you!

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