NICHI Marches With New Yorkers On Super Storm Sandy Fifth Anniversary

On Saturday, October 28, NICHI gathered with thousands of New Yorkers in Brooklyn for the #Sandy5 march to remember those we lost in Super Storm Sandy five years ago, and to stand with the victims of the devastating storms that hit Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida and the Caribbean this hurricane season.

The march, led by young people of color from the communities that were hardest hit by Sandy, proceeded from Cadman Plaza over the Brooklyn Bridge to the Alfred E. Smith Houses in Lower Manhattan.

The National Institute for Coastal and Harbor Infrastructure and the NY NJ Storm Surge Working Group were among 150 participating local organizations, including the NYC Environmental Justice Alliance, the People’s Climate Movement, the Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development and the New York Immigration Coalition.

On Superstorm Sandy Anniversary, New York is Ranked Most Vulnerable U.S. City
(Newsweek, October 29)

With more superstorms predicted, there’s a dream project to keep New York above water
(Quartz, October 29)

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