Help NICHI protect America’s coasts and harbors

The Nantucket Light Ship is the symbol of the drive to save America’s coastal and harbor infrastructure.

Your support helps: 

  • NICHI’s efforts to secure federal funding for the implementation of state, regional and local coastal resiliency plans.
  • NICHI’s campaign for the permitting and construction of  a NY NJ Metropolitan Storm SurgeBarrier System to protect lives and property in NY NY Metropolitan coastal communities
  • NICHI’s campaign to protect the natural coastal environment through its support for preservation of wetlands the development of oyster reefs and other green coastal adaptation projects 
  • NICHI’s national effort to form a National Coastal Alliance that will speak with one agenda and one voice on the coastal impacts of rising sea levels, extreme storms and aging infrastructure.
  • NICHI’s effort to assist in forming governance structures for regional coastal alliances to ensure regional cooperation and integration of coastal resiliency plans and programs
  • NICHI’s commitment to form and work with issue focused working groups on specific coastal impacts
  • NICHI’s Call to Action to make coastal adaptation a national critical priority based on the clear and present danger to our national security and our national economy posed by sea level rise, extreme storms and aging infrastructure. 
  • All of the above. 

Please make a generous donation to support NICHI’s coastal resiliency campaign to save lives, to save our coastal communities and to protect our natural environment.

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