The National Institute for Coastal and Harbor Infrastructure is a registered nonprofit 501 C-3 educational organization that was established to advocate an expanded federal role in coastal climate adaptation.

The evidence is clear that our economy and our national security are imperiled by the triple threat of rising sea levels, extreme weather events and aging infrastructure.

Our choice is clear.

We can either respond to the magnitude and urgency of this crisis with a continuing cycle of local and regional disaster relief, repairing our 20th Century infrastructure at great cost in lives and property, or we can develop and fund a national program to assist our cities and states in the cost effective implementation of their climate adaptation plans, protecting communities while revitalizing coastal economies with state of art technology, innovative transportation systems, modern port facilities and non-infrastructure solutions.

NICHI is committed to building a broad national coalition of private and public interests to advocate for a national interstate coastal infrastructure system that integrates, enhances and funds local, regional and state coastal climate adaptation plans.


William Golden
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100 High Street, Suite 2400
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Email: wgolden@NICHIusa.org

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