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The case for action

As hurricane season arrives, the elements of disaster are once again converging.

Bigger storms, fed by rising seas, are slamming up against America’s aging coastal infrastructure.

This was evident in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, when an unprepared East Coast lost $68 billion.

Today, the triple threat of storms, sea-level rise and crumbling roads and bridges is no less obvious. The future of the coasts, and the country, is at stake, with millions of lives and trillions of dollars subject to the next major weather event.

And yet — call it partisan gridlock or political inertia — the failure to act could not be more alarming.

We are not in a position to act because the overlapping maze of federal, state and local regulations is holding up even modest reconstruction and disaster relief projects.

Let’s take a minute to elevate our vision. Imagine a larger-scale national effort to ensure that today’s vulnerabilities can become tomorrow’s points of resilience. Imagine a coastline that would not be mangled by every hurricane that came along. Imagine a coastal system that combined natural and soft engineering systems with the kinds of high-tech harbor defenses that have been introduced in European nations.

We would propose three objectives:

  • Change our existing coastal policy that moves away from minor repairs and middling responses, and towards a focus on long-term, high-tech infrastructure investment;
  • Create a single federal agency along the lines of the Federal Highway Administration or the Environmental Protection Agency;
  • Secure funding on the order of the Dwight. D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways.

Business joins NICHI coalition

Keynote speaker Kristin Jacobs, Florida State Representative and Co-Chair President Obama’s Task Force on Climate Preparedness,  kicked off the Business Summit of  the National Institute for Coastal and Harbor Infrastructure, enhancing the effort to change national policy from a “disaster repair and respond policy” to “a national plan and invest policy” that will protect our coastal communities, preserve our natural resources and ensure our global economic competitiveness.

The May 7, 2014 NICHI Business Summit brought together representatives from commercial real estate, finance and banking, transportation, construction,  insurance, utilities, energy companies, ports, airports, architectural, engineering, utilities, law and other areas of business.      

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