Presentations from “Keeping the Water Out and the Lights On”

The following presentations were given during the NICHI conference, “Keeping the Water Out and the Lights On: The Option for a New York-New Jersey Regional Storm Surge Barrier.” The conference was held in New York City on May 18, 2017.

The Impact of rising sea levels and storm surge in the New York-New Jersey Metropolitan Area: Sandy and Post Sandy
Professor Malcolm Bowman, Stony Brook SUNY SoMAS

The History and Evolution of a NY and NJ Metro Regional Surge Barrier System Option
Robert Yaro, Professor of Practice of City and Regional Planning, University of Pennsylvania, President Emeritus Regional Plan Association


Proven Technology: The Current Use and Economic Impact of Surge Barrier Solutions to Protect US and European Cities:

Louisiana Great Wall and the USACE
Andrew D. Kopplin, President & CEO, Greater New Orleans Foundation

Stamford Connecticut Hurricane Barrier
Kip Bergstrom, Executive Director (retired), Stamford Urban Development Commission

Thames Estuary 2100, London’s Flood Risk Management Strategy
Adam Hosking, Chartered Scientist, CH2M Director Water Resources & Ecosystem Management


Waterfront Alliance Harbor Scorecard
Roland Lewis, President and CEO, Waterfront Alliance


Addressing Environmental Concerns:

Design Changes in Surge Barriers to Address Environmental Concerns
Dale Morris, Senior Advisor in Economic Affairs, The Royal Netherlands Embassy

Sea Level Rise Impacts on Wetlands
Rob Freudenberg, Vice President, Energy and Environment, Regional Plan Association

Throgs Neck Tidal Gate Study: The use of a Throgs Neck Barrier to Protect the Marine Environment and to Improve Water Quality
Sandeep Mehrotra, Vice President and Manager, New York City Office, Hazen and Sawyer. P.C.


Analyzing and Rating Resiliency Risk:

Rating Resiliency: Green Evaluation Analytical Approach
Laline Cavalho, Director, Standard & Poor’s Financial Services

Sandy and Post Sandy, A Cost Benefit Analysis of Impacts and Options: The need for both local and regional resiliency protection
Megan E. Linkin, Vice President | Global Partnerships Suisse Re


Public Private Finance Options:

Traditional Finance vs. Innovative Models
Marvin Markus, Managing Director, Public Sector and Infrastructure Group, Goldman Sachs

Fargo-Moorhead Flood Diversion Project, Innovative Strategies for Public-Private Delivery
Martin Nicholson PE, CH2M Project Principal


Protection of NYC Metro Infrastructure and Communities: Survival and Social Justice:

Critical Infrastructure: Marine Terminals, Airports, Roads, Rail, Bridges and Tunnels
Andrew Lynn, Director, Planning and Regional Development, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Resiliency Options for Long Island Communities
John Cameron, Managing Partner, Cameron Engineering and Associates New York City


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